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Saturday 17 February 2018
by  philippe Vo cong tri

Happy new year 2018

Happy new year 2018/01/01 and 2018/02/16.
Thursday 10 August 2017
by  philippe Vo cong tri

Mireille my wife

Lost you long time ago Hope forgiving little bit Now I miss you until The rest of my life so. Does exist afterlife ? I’ll wait you after all Till time and space fall At The End of rife. Did you forget ever The good inside me? Wrongness I did to thee Did you forget never? Together (...)
Thursday 29 June 2017
by  philippe Vo cong tri

Mireille et Philippe

Mise è jour 03 juillet 2017. Chêne-Bourg. Genève. En ton honneur, Chère Mireille. Tu m’as choisi, mon très cher coeur Epouse, mère, âme soeur Je suis perdu sans ta préence tu guides mes pas, mes cinq sens. Je suis un aveugle sans toi, Tu m’as donné l’envie, la soif de vivre, consrtruire un toit (...)
Tuesday 13 June 2017
by  philippe Vo cong tri

Tôi là làm tàn - Pretend to live ?

Hello, No doubt, I am looking at my "nombril". Who else will it ? All my life, I heard, read that I must behave like this, that, this taht ... Who decide how to lead my life ? Who are you to say ? As far as I am concerned, as far as I do no harm (except involuntary) to somebody or some (...)
Friday 12 May 2017
by  philippe Vo cong tri

World of change/chance ?

Are we at the threshold of changing ? Life as I know and understand is erver changing , even interwowen with suspended states. Where am I situated ? I choose to be me, at first. What does that mean in a world where everything are caracterized ? You must choose your camp ! That’s what I heard (...)

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